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Key Bible Concepts

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By David Gooding, John Lennox

Key Bible Concepts

Key Bible Concepts

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How can one book be so widely appreciated and so contested? Millions revere it and many ridicule it, but the Bible is often not allowed to speak for itself. Key Bible Concepts explores and clarifies the central terms of the Christian gospel. Gooding and Lennox provide succinct explanations of the basic vocabulary of Christian thought to unlock the Bible’s meaning and its significance for today.


Key Bible Concepts

  • Dr Lindsay Brown

    International Director of the Lausanne Movement

    Dr Lindsay Brown, International Director of the Lausanne Movement

    For those who think doctrine is dull and dry, this book is the antidote. Gooding and Lennox explain timeless great truths in a clear, fresh and lively way. It reminded me of God’s description of the effect of good doctrine in the Song of Moses: ‘Let my doctrine/teaching drop as the rain . . . as droplets on the fresh grass, and as showers on the herb’ (Deut 32:2). Good doctrine refreshes. That’s just what this book does!


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