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David W. Gooding (1925–2019) was Professor Emeritus of Old Testament Greek at Queen’s University, Belfast and a Member of the Royal Irish Academy. He taught the Bible internationally and lectured on its relevance to philosophy and world religions.

He published scholarly studies on the Septuagint and Old Testament narratives, as well as expositions of Luke, John 13–17, Acts, Hebrews and the New Testament’s Use of the Old Testament.

His expositions of Scripture are enhanced by what F. F. Bruce once called David Gooding’s ‘rare combination of gifts: spiritual insight, classical learning and literary appreciation’. Yet his insights into the wisdom and love of God owe at least as much to his deep desire to know the Saviour he had trusted in his youth and whose word he has found, throughout his intellectual and personal life, to be true. His work continues to influence the public teaching and private ministries of men and women throughout the world, some well–known and many more unknown.

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Resources from The Service of Thanksgiving for the Life of David Gooding held on 7th November 2019:

Video Recording ( YouTube)

Order of Service (with What I’m Looking Forward To by David Gooding and photos)

John Lennox’s Tribute from the Service of Thanksgiving

According to Luke, David Gooding

In the fight for man’s deliverance from the power of Satan, the first and foremost tactic is the proclamation of the supremely and absolutely authoritative Word of God. More by David Gooding
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