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Studies in the Fifth Book of Psalms

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Two Talks on Psalms

Studies in the Fifth Book of Psalms

David Gooding


Complete audio series for Studies in the Fifth Book of Psalms

Studies in the Fifth Book of Psalms, Part 1
Studies in the Fifth Book of Psalms, Part 2

The last and longest of the five books that make up the Psalms contains those that are most quoted in the New Testament. But why were these psalms selected and put together as they are? Do they have any common themes and, if so, what are they? David Gooding presents key points for understanding how Book Five works and what it means: first, by considering three of the psalms that are connected to three events near the end of the Lord Jesus’ life and, second, by tracing some of the major themes that are found in Psalms 107–150. We find what the Messiah’s programme was prophesied to be and how Jesus the Messiah is the key to all the Scriptures. We discover the practical help given to us in some of the groupings of psalms including: songs of the re–gathering of exiles, of deliverance, of the word of God, of Ascent and of God’s presence. We learn that the one who hears and believes the word of God has something worth singing about.

Recorded in Broadway Gospel Hall, Belfast, N. Ireland in June 1988.

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