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The Sovereignty of God

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Four Talks on God

The Sovereignty of God

David Gooding


As believers we hold fast to the clear teaching of Scripture that God is the creator of our universe; and in the midst of the turmoil and instability all around us, we rejoice in the knowledge that ‘God is still on the throne’ and in sovereign control of its functioning and administration. David Gooding takes that as his starting point and goes on to remind us that God’s sovereignty extends to the life and work of the church, where his kingly rule should constantly be acknowledged.

This applies likewise to our own lives—as individuals who must ultimately give account of ourselves to the Lord. This is amply illustrated for us in the record of the lives of the Old Testament patriarchs—Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We see that God will always achieve his sovereign purposes in the lives of his people, whether it is with our active co–operation or despite our failures.

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