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The Saving and Losing of a Soul

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The Saving and Losing of a Soul

David Gooding

God give us the wisdom to spend our souls on the things that will repay eternal dividends and not to spend them on things that will soon fade and be gone forever.


One of the lovely things about the Apostle Peter is that when he writes, he doesn’t mind taking us back to many of the unfortunate mistakes he himself made when the Lord Jesus was here on earth. From time to time, as Peter listened to the Lord, he felt sure the Lord had got it wrong and could do with a little help to correct things. Some of the suggestions he made were most unfortunate and inappropriate; he had to be corrected and learn lessons that he sometimes found very difficult.

When he comes to teach those lessons to us, he doesn’t mind referring us to the time when he was in school, so to speak, and made all the mistakes. Now he’s the teacher and we’re in his school. If we find it difficult to understand what he says, be sure Peter will be sympathetic.

As David Gooding deals with the topic of the salvation and the losing of the soul, he takes us first to school, where Peter was taught the lesson and then to Peter’s own record of the lesson he learned from the Lord where he teaches us its implications.

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