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Jesus Himself

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Jesus Himself An Easter Meditation

David Gooding

In our difficulties and quandaries and disappointments, ‘Jesus himself’ will draw near.


Things hadn’t turned out as the two on the way to Emmaus expected, and to be frank they were sorely dissatisfied with Jesus. When the stranger joined them they told him why they were so disappointed. They had thought Jesus was the one that should ‘deliver’ Israel (from the Romans), and he just didn’t do it.

They said that certain women had been at his grave and had seen angels who said that he was alive. They thought that that was completely irrelevant, because if he had been who he said he was it wouldn’t have happened to start with. So all this talk of his resurrection was beside the point. A messiah who couldn’t stop himself being arrested and crucified, how could he be the Messiah? So they were sorely disappointed with the Lord; but in answer to their problems our Lord came—‘Jesus himself drew near’.

Jesus himself drew near and went with them (Luke 24:15).
The Father himself loves you (John 16:27).
The Spirit himself makes intercession for us (Romans 8:26).

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