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Three Groups of Women and Their Tears

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One Devotional Talk

Three Groups of Women and Their Tears

David Gooding


In this short meditation David Gooding considers various types of tears: good tears and bad tears, true tears and false tears.

The women weeping for Tammuz in the temple of the Lord at Jerusalem;

The women of Jerusalem who wept for our Lord as he was being led out to be crucified;

Mary Magdalene in the garden, weeping for her sorrow, when the Lord appeared to her and dried her tears forever.

He warns us to be on our guard lest we evoke false emotion, sensuousness. It’s not that we despise tender emotion, but conversion is a deeper thing than emotion. It is a moral thing, and requires us to use our moral judgment. Let’s love the Lord with all our hearts; but the source and peace and the spring of it all is a spiritual relationship with a living Lord.

Length: 38 mins.

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