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The Holy Spirit

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The Holy Spirit Three Aspects of His Work in the Believer

David Gooding

It is not just a philosophical theory; this gospel actually works, and it works because it is on the principle of faith and not on meritorious struggle.


In this series of talks David Gooding looks at three aspects of the work of the Holy Spirit:

1. The foundational work of the Holy Spirit in the heart of the believer

The work that the Holy Spirit does, which is the foundation of all that subsequently follows. That blessed ministry forms the solid foundation of security and peace within that gives us the courage to face all the future programme that God has for us.

2. The ongoing work of the Holy Spirit in our hearts

In Ephesians we have those two great prayers of Paul for people who have already received the Holy Spirit. But Paul bows his knees to constantly pray for an ongoing work of the Spirit in their hearts.

3. The Holy Spirit’s role in our sanctification

Two types of cleansing: by blood and then by water. Blood to cleanse the guilt and free us from the wrath of God; water, the washing of regeneration, as the Holy Spirit begins the work of our sanctification.

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