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The Holy Spirit Given & Giving

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The Holy Spirit Given & Giving Spiritual Gifts and their Use

David Gooding

Whatever gifts God has given us, the number one objective to which he will direct all our efforts is the glorification of the Lord Jesus.


This series of talks begins with an overview of the ministry of the Holy Spirit himself and the objectives he has, so that as we then consider the gifts that God has given us as believers, we might have a clear picture in our minds of the objectives that we too ought to be aiming at in the use of our gifts.

This overview is followed by a detailed study of 1 Corinthians 12–14 in relation to our own spiritual gifts, examining our attitude and motives towards them, our evaluation of them and their results, and how we are to control and use them. We learn that a gift must first and foremost pass the test of sound doctrine— especially what it says about the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. Gifts must be motivated by love (ch. 13), and used for the benefit of others. And we must give full weight to the Holy Spirit’s expressed preference for prophesying rather than tongues.

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