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Joshua Bible Study Seminar (Series 2)

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Eighteen Talks on Joshua

Joshua Bible Study Seminar (Series 2)

David Gooding


The audio series, ‘Joshua Bible Study Seminar (Series 2)’.

Part 1: Introduction to Joshua
Part 2: Discussion on the Relevance of the Abrahamic Covenant
Part 3: Overview of Section 1
Part 4 : Details of Section 1
Part 5: Conclusion of Section 1 and Overview of Section 2
Part 6: The Wrath of God on Jericho and Ai
Part 7: Details of Jericho and Ai
Part 8: Discussion of Inheritance
Part 9: Overview of Section 3
Part 10: The Dominant Theme of the Book
Part 11: The Conquest of the Canaanite Kings
Part 12: Summary of Sections 2 and 3
Part 13: Introduction to the Second Half of the Book
Part 14: Discussion of Jihad vs. Jericho and Ai
Part 15: The Inheritance of the Two and One Half
Part 16: The Inheritance in Two Parts
Part 17: Details of Section 5
Part 18: Details of Section 6

Recorded at Camp Horizon, Florida, USA in January 2007.

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