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Major Themes of Revelation’s Six Sections

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The Book of the Revelation

Major Themes of Revelation’s Six Sections

David Gooding


David Gooding argues that the book of the Revelation is made up of six major sections, and that in each of those major sections there is one or more major themes. By helping us to see them, he lays a foundation for the study of the many details in the whole book. But as we see the great themes in each section, we can begin to see the shadows of major messages, and each of them is a great gospel message that will give us a view of the future and move our hearts in worship of the Lord Jesus. They will give us understanding of the ways of God, and a sense of need for progress in holiness as we listen to the Lord and his letters to the churches, as we hear of his coming again, and our need to be ready. They will also work in us a tremendous compassion for the lost, as we see the reasons why a holy God must judge our civilization and bring it to its end. So that, understanding God’s ways, with compassion in our hearts, we may go out and preach to the world around us, and answer the problems they have when they think of these gigantic things.

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When it comes to Bible study, these three remain: structure, pattern and thought flow; but the greatest of these is thought flow.

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