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Morality, Religion, Faith, Evidence

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Morality, Religion, Faith, Evidence Where Do We Find the Truth?

David Gooding


1. Is Anything Absolutely Wrong? We all have an inner sense of right and wrong. Where does that moral sense come from?
2. Do All Religions Lead to God? Dr Gooding answers this question from two levels: the level of experience and the level of theory and doctrine. He looks into various major religions, and asks, ‘what sort of a god do they lead to?’
3. Is Faith Rational? It is said that science deals in proof, but religion is a matter of faith. Dr Gooding shows that each person has a built–in awareness of God and God has revealed himself to us in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.
4. God is His Own Evidence: Many people say that God is without foundation in evidence, but that is not true. God has supplied abundant evidence for his existence and faith in Christ is not a leap in the dark. We look at the evidence of Creation and the evidence of Christ.

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