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An Introduction to the Letters to the Seven Churches

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One Talk on Revelation

An Introduction to the Letters to the Seven Churches

David Gooding

Let us only walk near to Christ, know the risen Christ with us and among us, and we shall find something o f his glory reflecting itself off us.


Our purpose in this talk is to introduce to our thinking the topic of our Lord’s letters to the seven churches of Asia Minor, as we find them in the book of Revelation.

The book of the Revelation is in fact the personal testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ. If you enjoy testimony meetings—hearing your fellow Christians testify to what Christ has done for them, and you
get hope that he shall do likewise for you—then you should enjoy this book much more so, for it is a kind of testimony. It is the testimony of Jesus Christ our Lord, of what God is doing for him at this present moment and shall yet do for him.

Recorded at Apsley Hall, Beflast, N. Ireland.

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