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The Validity of Typology

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How to Study the Bible: Helpful Ideas, Methods and Approaches

The Validity of Typology

David Gooding


When we study Scripture, we ask two basic questions. First, ‘Exactly what is this Scripture saying?’ Therein, of course, lies a lot of patient work with our Bibles, our translations, our dictionaries, and whatever else we can get, to establish exactly what is being said. And secondly, ‘Why does it say it? What’s the point of it? I hear what it says, but please tell me, what is the point of what it says?’ So, we have the two basic questions ‘What does it say?’ and ‘Why does it say it?’

Answering these questions requires paying careful attention to context and thought–flow. Not only is the immediate context important but it can be helpful, in historical books, to watch how the writer develops variations on a theme; and to observe his use of patterns and structures in presenting his material. David Gooding gives examples of some of the ideas, methods and approaches that he has found helpful over the years, particularly in the study of the narrative portions of Scripture.

Audio: 56 mins

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