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The Christian Philosophy of Man: Two Symbols

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Two Talks on 1 Corinthians

The Christian Philosophy of Man: Two Symbols A Question of Loyalty to Christ His Head

David Gooding

Christian redemption involves nothing less than a completely new kind of human being, a new human race. It will involve, as we shall see, the creation of a new entity, the like of which had never existed in God’s universe before.


In these sessions we are seeking to trace some of the major themes of the First Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians. We shall be obliged to consider some of the mistakes and faults and misbehaviours on the part of our ancient Christian brothers and sisters, the believers at Corinth.

In chapter 11, there are two sets of faults, so to speak. Both concern themselves with the misuse and abuse and neglect of the Christian symbols laid down for our use by our blessed Lord Jesus and his apostles. These are symbols by which we express our obedience to God, our devotion to the Lord Jesus and our respect one for another.

Part 1—Symbols of Headship
Part 2—Symbols of Remembrance

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