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Daniel and the King’s Food

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Daniel and the King’s Food Why all the Fuss?

David Gooding

I believe what Moses says—man is made in the image of God to have dominion over Nature, not to grovel before the supposed storm god and offer victims to the moon, just because we don’t understand how they work.


It was no surprise for Daniel when one gloomy morning he found himself marched unceremoniously out of Jerusalem down the road that led into exile in Babylon. Naturally he was depressed to see his native land come under the domination of a foreign invader with all the misery and humiliation that that involved, but it didn’t surprise him. Nor did it shake his faith, but rather confirmed it. After all it was just what the prophet Jeremiah had said would happen and to Daniel’s youthful mind there was no prophet like Jeremiah.

Babylon when he got there, proved to be quite a city. First the skyline, and then the sweeping vistas along the main avenues and the enormous buildings overwhelmed him with their sheer size, the audacity of their proportions, the sheer genius of the planning and the technology that had carried it out. The poets back home raved about Jerusalem city, but Babylon made Jerusalem look like a shanty town in the outback. And it was not just hard, efficient–but–unimaginative technology either; there was a riot of aesthetic wealth for the human spirit to revel in. . . . As the days went by Daniel became increasingly aware of another whole dimension of life that had just not existed at all back home. . . .

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