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The Power, the Wisdom and the Glory

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Romans 9–11

The Power, the Wisdom and the Glory A Study of God’s Ways with Israel and the Nations

David Gooding


Why are some chosen and others are not? What is God’s purpose in election? What future is there for Israel as a witness to Jesus Christ? In this six–part series, David Gooding expounds Romans 9–11, explaining how its argument fits within the flow of Paul’s letter and paying careful attention to his motivation for addressing these issues that so obviously burdened his heart.

Three of Dr Gooding’s talks were given to an audience mainly made up of Christians, while the other three were directed more to those who might not have been. The combination in one series of talks on a single passage of Scripture makes for an instructive case study on how to communicate the same passage to very different audiences. It will give practical help to those who want to learn how to proclaim the gospel’s significance to believers and non–believers, even from a passage as challenging and difficult as Romans 9–11.

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