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Wreckage and Recovery

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Romans 5–8

Wreckage and Recovery God’s Way of Making Believers Holy

David Gooding


The work of God’s Holy Spirit to make believers in Jesus Christ holy in our daily lives is very necessary and very often misunderstood. In these four talks, David Gooding shows how God’s Spirit has directed Paul, in Romans 5–8, to show God’s children that we are secure in his love, that there are certain things we must know if we are to be made holy, and that God will continue his work in us even when we fail him. Far from being surprised by our failures, God has provided a gospel that is more than enough to pick us up again and again and to use our failures to teach us to see sin as he sees it, and to love righteousness as he does, until that day when he will present us to his Son as a beautiful bride, prepared to reign with him eternally.

Is the struggle of the Christian life difficult just now? Do you want to understand what sanctification really means? Is your desire to obey the Lord Jesus not as strong as it used to be? Then these talks are for you.

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