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Four Journeys to Jerusalem

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A Series of Seminars on the Gospel of John

Four Journeys to Jerusalem

David Gooding


While the Synoptic Gospels are largely concerned with Christ’s ministry in Galilee, John traces four separate journeys that Jesus makes to Jerusalem and back again to Galilee on the occasions of Israel’s great national feasts. Why is that significant? How does understanding what John has presented help us to understand the more familiar aspects of this Gospel, such as the ‘signs’ and the ‘I AM’ sayings?

While Bible students and commentators agree that John’s Gospel is markedly different from that of Matthew, Mark and Luke, very few expound, or notice, the way that he has structured his narrative. Even fewer have sought to show the significance of that presentation in detail. David Gooding’s insights into the Gospel of John bring that significance into sharp focus and help us to see once again the glory of the Word become flesh.

In this series of seminar talks, Dr Gooding addresses these issues and many more as he expounds John’s inspired presentation of Jesus the Son of God, God incarnate coming to his people to inspect their worship and service. The series includes Question and Answer sessions and a full set of handout notes given out to those who participated in the seminars.

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