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Why I Believe in the Bible

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Why I Believe in the Bible

David Gooding

The character of Jesus Christ that I meet in the New Testament, I say to myself, was surely not invented by the human authors of the New Testament.


Let me come straight to the point and tell you that I personally believe the Bible to be God’s word and true. I believe in it because I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe that the claims Jesus Christ made for himself are true, and therefore I believe that Jesus Christ is the Word of God incarnate—God and man. Because Jesus Christ authorises our New Testament and puts his authority or belief in the Old Testament, I follow him and believe both the New Testament and the Old.

Does that seem like arguing in a circle? You may care to read the rest of the sermon, to see why it isn’t.

Transcript of a talk given by David Gooding in Belfast, N. Ireland in the 1990s.

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