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God’s Power for Salvation

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Seventeen Seminars on Romans

God’s Power for Salvation

David Gooding

The biggest thing God will ever do for you is what he has already done. He has given his Son for you.


In these seminars, David Gooding expounds Paul’s letter to the Romans, showing how it breaks into four major sections and how those sections form a coherent presentation of the gospel. The first half of the letter gives two answers to the question: Why do we need to be saved? First, we need to be saved because of the wrath of God (1:1–5:11). Second, we need to be saved from the wreckage of Adam’s sin (5:12–8:39). The third section addresses the question of whether God’s plans have failed, as Paul considers the failure of Israel’s faith and service (9:1–11:36). The fourth section is an appeal for the believer’s spiritual service, based on God’s mercy that he expressed at Calvary (12:1–16:36).

The seminars include Q & A sessions and are accompanied by handouts that outline the sections, compare sections with one another, and provide helpful summaries of the arguments of particular chapters, such as 9–11, and key issues, including the difference between case–law and precedent and key historical events, such as the timing of God’s hardening of Pharaoh’s heart.

These sessions provide a rich introduction to Paul’s presentation of the gospel, in all of its fullness and beauty.

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