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The Pattern and Practice of Prayer

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The Pattern and Practice of Prayer

David Gooding


Talk 1 is based on Luke 11. In the first part of the chapter Dr Gooding focuses our attention on the pattern for prayer that the Lord Jesus gave his disciples. Their values were to be in right proportion: putting God’s interests first and their own second. In the second part of the chapter, using the illustration of a friend persisting in asking for bread to feed his guests, the Lord exhorts them to pray for the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit in their hearts.

Talk 2 is based on Acts 4. The Sanhedrin had commanded the apostles that they were not to go on preaching in the name of Jesus. Fortified by what Psalm 2 said about the authority of the sovereign Creator, they prayed for two things. 1. That they should be given boldness to speak in the name of Jesus, whatever the world said. 2. That God himself would intervene and vindicate the name of his Son.

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