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God is on the Throne and in Control

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God is on the Throne and in Control

David Gooding


Whatever may be coming upon our world, the believer may rejoice with settled conviction that this is God’s universe—God sits upon his throne and he is in ultimate control. In some sense we live in enemy territory, but the enemy doesn’t have the last say. In all of it our blessed Lord stands in control. If he allows his enemies, Satan in particular, to test his people, it is only ‘so far and no further’. He shall not allow us to be tempted beyond what we can bear. The great day will come when the same Word that created heaven and earth shall bid them depart. Eternity will dawn and the almighty God, the omnipotent, shall reign—not only as the indisputable, but as the undisputed sovereign Lord of all.

In this great issue of the sovereignty of God and how it relates to humankind, and ultimately to our salvation, I suggest to you that we must pause long and think hard, because we are talking ultimately about the character of God. ‘Let God be God.’ Yes, God is sovereign and will do as he likes. But what God likes is consistent with perfect justice and perfect love.

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