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Major Themes in 1 Corinthians

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Back to the Gospel and the Christian Philosophy of Man

Major Themes in 1 Corinthians

David Gooding


In this talk, David Gooding gives two surveys of 1 Corinthians. He first shows that for each of the many and diverse problems that we read in the epistle, Paul’s answer was to get the Christians at Corinth to see that they were not being true to the gospel and that to fix each problem they would have to come back to it. The second survey highlights Christianity’s philosophy of man, answering the question of what a human being is, according to God’s gospel. Finally, David Gooding summarizes the major issues Paul raises in chapters 1 and 2. These high level overviews will aid deeper study of the overall context of the epistle and show how its major themes help to make sense of its many details.

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