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Confidence in the Bible

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The Authentic Word of God

Confidence in the Bible

David Gooding


The primary purpose of this series is to enhance our knowledge and appreciation of the stages and processes by which we come to have in our hands the precious gift of the written word of God as contained in our Bible. It considers such matters as the divine inspiration of Scripture and the recognition of the authority of those sixty–six books (and no others) which constitute the canon. We learn of the authenticity and accuracy of the underlying documents as preserved for us in the numerous manuscripts and other early writings. All these elements give ample grounds for confidence.

For some, that confidence may be shaken by the Bible’s opening verse—which asserts that ‘in the beginning God created’ and is therefore directly at variance with the claims made by some scientists. In the first talk David Gooding therefore examines the question of design versus evolution. He shows that evolution, far from being a scientific fact as some would claim, remains no more than a theory based on materialistic philosophy. Moreover, it is a theory which some other prominent scientists, from the perspective of their own specialisms, find difficult to support.

‘Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away’ (Matt 24:35).

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