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The Servant’s Justification

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Witnessing for the Vindicated Saviour Jesus

The Servant’s Justification

David Gooding


How does a believer in Jesus Christ sustain faith and hope when so many people reject him? The fact that he is rejected by so many should not surprise us, no matter how much it saddens us. In this talk, David Gooding shows that the prophecy of Isaiah 50 had long told how the Messiah would handle the rejection and abuse of men and women that would come. He shows how the Messiah’s trust in God, his obedience to the Father, comes out clearly in John 16 as Jesus tells his disciples of the coming Holy Spirit who would vindicate him and all of his claims. And he shows us in 1 Timothy 4 how Paul holds up to all followers of Christ, Christ’s example of faith and courage in witnessing to the truth as we face opposition in our witness and rejection. The message of encouragement to our hearts from this talk is that the one who justifies is near, and he is coming back.

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