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Fellowship and Headship

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Two New Testament ‘Ships’

Fellowship and Headship

David Gooding


In these talks, David Gooding explores two important and precious elements of New Testament teaching.

We learn that Fellowship, in its truest and fullest sense, is much more than those happy occasions spent in the company of fellow believers. Rather it carries connotations of partnership and joint possession of something we hold in common. It is a fellowship into which God himself calls us. It is a fellowship with the Father and with his Son, in common possession of eternal life; and a partnership with the gospel in leading others to faith in our Saviour.

Our grasp of Headship will benefit from a greater understanding and appreciation of our position as members of the Body of Christ. That unique and previously unknown entity began to be formed on the day of Pentecost with the pouring out of the Holy Spirit. Believers are in the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is in them. Consequently, ‘we who are many are one body’—the church, of which Christ himself is the head (see Rom 12:5; Col 1:18). We are challenged to ‘grow up’ to the measure of the stature of Christ.

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