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Attaining the Glory of God

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A Study in Romans 5

Attaining the Glory of God

David Gooding


The ultimate aspiration for any believer is, or should be, to become progressively more like Christ, who is in himself the very expression of the glory of God. But Scripture tells us that we start from a position of being sinners who, day and daily, fall short of the glory of God—of God’s perfect standard. Attaining the glory of God is surely then for us no more than wishful thinking, and indeed is mission impossible.

Not so, says Romans 5! In this brief study of that chapter, David Gooding draws out for us the realism of God’s purpose and the confidence we can have that his purpose will be fulfilled. Our confidence is based not in ourselves, but in God’s love for us and in the fact he demonstrated that love ‘while we were still sinners’.

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