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Teaching Joshua

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Examining Chapters 1–12

Teaching Joshua

David Gooding


In this short series of talks, David Gooding is ‘teaching the teachers’ as he leads them in an exploration of the first twelve chapters of the book of Joshua, looking first at the historical setting in relation to archaeology and the biblical background. The importance of thought flow is explained as a basis for both study and subsequent application, and the text of these chapters is used as a worked example.

Carefully following the thought flow points out that there were three main objectives which Joshua had to accomplish as he entered Canaan. In each case there was an obstacle to overcome and in each case God intervened with a miracle—without which the objective could not have been achieved.
There is a short ‘group discussion’ on the concept of inheritance and how it relates to us as New Testament believers. This is followed by a more detailed analysis of the Scriptures’ account of the crossing of the Jordan—which is told three times, with a different emphasis on each occasion. God’s judgment on Canaan is contrasted with God’s mercy as seen in the salvation of Rahab.

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