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Finding Truth in our Modern Age

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Answers to Four Common Questions about Christianity

Finding Truth in our Modern Age

David Gooding


In this series of seminars Dr Gooding was asked to address four topics:

1. Design Versus Evolution in the Universe: He quotes many famous scientists to show that their evidence for evolution is substantially lacking. The Bible declares that creation holds the evidence that all could see, if they would, that there is a God, an almighty powerful creator, behind this universe.

2. Does it Make Sense to Believe the Bible? Dr Gooding says, ‘Yes, it makes sense to believe the Bible because of its doctrine of creation and the position it gives to humankind; and then the authority behind morality. It also holds out a hope for this world in Jesus Christ our Lord. He stands like a colossus over human history, acknowledged by foe as well as friend.’

3. Hasn’t Science Made Belief in God Obsolete? God cannot be measured, or observed down a microscope. He is not material; God is spirit. Information has to come from a mind, a personal mind. It is invisible; it is not material; it comes from God. Some people do not like to retain God in their knowledge because they are determined to ‘keep the divine foot out of the door’.

4. Don’t All Religions Lead to God? How can all religions lead to God, when some of them don’t admit his existence? Obviously all religions do not lead to God, for mere religion says that, when you’ve done your best, you can’t be sure that God has accepted you. Whereas Christ and his apostles say that the moment you repent and believe, you have access into the very holiest of all, the presence of God.

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Myrtlefield books are on Logos

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