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The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

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One Apologetic Talk

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ The Rattle of Dead Men’s Bones

David Gooding

If the resurrection is true, it carries implications for every man, woman and child under the face of the sun, ever since the world began until the world shall end.


The title for this lecture is ‘The Resurrection of Jesus Christ’. The subtitle, ‘The Rattle of Dead Men’s Bones’, was deliberately chosen to echo the words of a former Bishop of Durham. Objecting to the idea that our Lord’s body was raised from the dead, he said that, if it were so, it would have been a conjuring trick with bones.

David Gooding’s task in this lecture is to determine what is meant by the term ‘resurrection’ when we talk of the resurrection of Christ. What was it that gave the early Christians the courage to preach the gospel? What has science to say about the resurrection? And what is the nature of the resurrection body?

Recorded at the Navan Centre, Navan, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland in 1997.
Length: 67 mins.

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