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The Bible’s Answers to Four Vital Questions about Christianity

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The Bible’s Answers to Four Vital Questions about Christianity

David Gooding

I trust it will be evident to us all that conversion to Christianity is not merely a matter of theological assent; it is a matter of the deepest personal attitude and orientation of ourselves towards God.


Is Christianity merely a philosophy, a religion, a myth thought up and devised by men and women to bolster their courage as they struggle with the vastness of the universe, wanting to give themselves some kind of significance in a vast world that seems ever more overwhelming?

Is it merely a set of religious beliefs concocted to enforce their own moral judgment and bring some kind of power to bear on those other urges that they find within that are forever breaking out and blotting their copybook with ugly stains? Or is it far more than that? Did it in fact begin not with man at all, but with God? Is it a record of the supernatural and the miraculous? Is it the record of God interposing in our little world to reveal himself and to achieve a divine miracle of human regeneration?

In these lectures we shall be asking ourselves four vital questions:

1. Jesus Christ: Is he good or God?
2. The Resurrection: Is it myth or fact?
3. The Bible: Is it man’s word or God’s word?
4. Conversion: Is it emotional disturbance or spiritual regeneration?

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