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The Way the Scriptures have been Transmitted: New Testament

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The Way the Scriptures have been Transmitted: New Testament

David Gooding

I believe it because Christ said so and I believe the Bible is the word of God because Christ said so.


‘Scripture’ literally means ‘what is written’, and for around fourteen hundred years the New Testament was written out by hand and all those handwritten copies are referred to as ‘manuscripts’, which is the Latin term for ‘written script’, ‘manu’, by hand. It was only after centuries had gone by that printing was invented and came to be the means of repeating and distributing Scripture.

When we read the New Testament can we be certain that we have substantially what the New Testament writers originally wrote? On the basis of evidence, and judged by standards of scholarship in the related classical world, Professor Gooding’s argument is that we may have every confidence that the New Testament documents are reliable.

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