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Part 2 – Matthew’s Gospel: Further Major Themes

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Key New Testament Themes

Part 2 – Matthew’s Gospel: Further Major Themes

David Gooding


Rather than offering a generalized survey, this series of talks introduces us to the key themes which, under divine inspiration, occupy the attention of the main New Testament writers. We see that the material they present is carefully arranged to draw out the themes they wish us to consider. The theme of salvation features prominently, not least in the analysis of the ‘salvation’ stories selected by Luke, which David Gooding describes as ‘Like a snowflake, an absolute marvel of pattern. Here is theology—the doctrine of salvation—but put across in stories of actual incidents.’

The study also addresses the alleged dichotomy between the ‘loving’ gospel preached by Christ in his earthly ministry and the ‘legal’ gospel contained in Paul’s writings, and concludes that both equally proclaim the glorious truth of salvation ‘by grace, through faith’. ‘Paul delineates the theory: Luke gives you examples of it.’

The reader will find much of benefit in this series, whether it is in a clear presentation of the many facets of the gospel or ‘contending for the faith’ using the advice on ‘arguing’ given in Galatians.

Recorded at Evangelical Ministries, Belfast, Northern Ireland in April 1994.
Length: 81 mins.

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