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The Person and Character of Jesus Christ

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The Person and Character of Jesus Christ

David Gooding

In our own Christian era, not only does the New Testament record that converts found this joy, but down the centuries we’ve had our hymn writers who have recorded the same.


The Jews had a well–formulated idea of what the nation’s Messiah would be like when he came, based—so they thought—on the Old Testament Scriptures. Yet, in Jesus of Nazareth they found someone who did not fit their mental picture even though he fulfilled all that the prophets had said of him.

It is equally possible that the views about Jesus Christ commonly held in Christendom today are likewise at variance with the reality. In this series of talks, David Gooding examines a number of these popularly held views in the light of the actual historical account of Christ’s life and teaching as we find it in the Gospel records. In so doing, the true person and character of Christ is revealed.

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