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Two Gospel Addresses

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Two Gospel Addresses Drawn from the book of Revelation

David Gooding

Eternal life is the free gift of God; free, gratis and for nothing. Let me make that ever so clear right from the start; if we will have salvation tonight, we take it as a gift.


The book of Revelation outlines for us God’s glorious plans for the future of planet earth and ultimately the establishment of his eternal kingdom. In so doing, it also speaks of how God will deal with the issue of mankind’s sin. It makes clear that only those who have received forgiveness through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ will be eligible for entry to the kingdom and thereby escape the final judgment at the great white throne. These solemn issues are addressed in these two talks, which exude the warmth of the Gospel invitation to receive the free gift of salvation purchased by the Lord Jesus Christ through his death at Calvary, so that none need perish.

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