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The Book of Genesis

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Eighteen Lectures on Genesis

The Book of Genesis

David Gooding

What a joy it is then to read this ancient history. God has prepared beforehand a saviour of the world, a man who should be able to take over earth and make it work as God intended it should work.


In these eighteen studies in the Book of Genesis, David Gooding guides us through the three Creation stories and the accounts of the lives of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. There are spiritual lessons to be learned through these individuals, and we shall see God beginning to prepare for his great programme of bringing deliverance and salvation to the world at large provided for us in Jesus Christ our Lord.

When the story for the moment reaches its initial climax, we shall find God’s great saviour and deliverer, Joseph, rescuing the then known world from famine and economic difficulties. He is one of God’s prototypes of what the Lord Jesus will do on a vastly bigger scale when he comes again.

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Myrtlefield books are on Logos

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