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The God of Restoration

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Four Studies in the Prophecy of Zechariah

The God of Restoration

David Gooding

Worship is not just offering to God what we feel we like. It is offering to God what God has said he likes.


Zechariah’s prophecy was addressed to the nation of Israel as it returned from exile and undertook the arduous task of rebuilding the city of Jerusalem and its temple. It displays the unfailing faithfulness of God to his erring and wayward people and his desire to see their restoration. But this must go beyond the reinstatement of city and temple. The visions given to the prophet show that God’s definition of true restoration encompasses also the deeper issues of their relationship with him, of their worship and witness, and of their personal conduct.

Whilst focused on the particular needs and circumstances of the people of God in Zechariah’s time, there are clear principles for believers of any age who feel the need of restoration in their walk with God. For us, as for them, there is great encouragement to be found in the intercession of our great high priest and the glorious prospect of our Lord’s coming kingdom.

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