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Bible Study Methods

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Bible Study Methods

David Gooding

Concentrate first of all on the facts, and then on thought content and thought flow.


I am often asked how I go about studying Scripture, and in particular how I come to think there are such structures and patterns in some books of the Bible. This will not necessarily make Bible study easy, but I do it because I personally have found it helpful. Finding structures and patterns is not the primary aim of study, but they can help our understanding of what Scripture is saying.

I make it my aim first of all to get hold of the factual details and then to ask two things. What is the point of it; what does it say? And then, why does it say it; why does the Lord say this to me? Next I ask a deeper question. Why is that said here; what has it to do with what went before and what comes after? To put it in one phrase, what I am looking for is what I would call the thought flow, both within a verse or story, and then between one story and another.

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