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With Moses on the Plains of Moab

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Six Talks on Deuteronomy

With Moses on the Plains of Moab

David Gooding

It’s our daily work and how faithful we are in obeying our Lord’s standards of right behaviour and developing a righteous character, that are preparing us for sharing the reign of Christ with him when he comes.


During this study in our imaginations we shall be camping on the plains of Moab.

The main message is coming through Moses and Deuteronomy 29:1 is a particularly important verse, for it tells us that just as God appeared to Israel on Mount Sinai, he did so again when they were in the plains of Moab and he made a covenant with them. It was not an additional covenant, it was the same covenant that had been given in all the splendour and awesomeness of Mount Sinai, given again now and confirmed and Israel called to obey it.

Why study Deuteronomy?

As Christians, we’re not under law like Israel was, we’re under grace. We owe it to our blessed Lord Jesus, in that when he died at Calvary he bore the curse of the law in our place, to set us free from that curse.

But now God has a programme for us: ‘that the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us, who walk not according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit’. So we need to read God’s law, if we are serious and determined to allow God’s Spirit to do his gracious work in our lives.

In these 6 talks Dr Gooding outlines the teaching of Deuteronomy in a practical way for New Testament Christians.

Part 1 – Forward with God
Part 2 – Don’t be Ashamed of your Wisdom
Part 3 – Remember God’s Covenant
Part 4 – Not for your Righteousness
Part 5 – Establishing the Law
Part 6 – Bitter–sweet Song and Blessing

Recorded at Northfield Bible Week, Newcastle, Co. Down, N. Ireland in July 2004.

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