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The Kingdom of God

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Three Talks on God

The Kingdom of God

David Gooding

My thesis is that the kingdom of God, in the hands of his dear Son, is, at this present phase of it, a spiritual kingdom.


The complete three–part audio series of ‘The Kingdom of God’.

Recorded at the Timothy Conference, Toronto, Canada in December 2004.

There are references to the ‘kingdom of God’ throughout our Bible. It is also a topic that often featured in our Lord’s teaching during his earthly ministry. Yet we seldom pause to consider the meaning and significance of the term in the various contexts in which it occurs. Does the kingdom lie in the past or in the future; or is it eternal? Who are, or will be, its citizens? Does the kingdom have any relevance to us as believers in this church age? And if so, in what way should it impact on our behaviour?

These three talks, interspersed with comments and questions from the audience, take us through the key Scripture references that describe the features and phases of the kingdom of God, with the aim of increasing our understanding and appreciation of this important aspect of God’s eternal purposes and plan.

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