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The Art of Arguing

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An Overview of Galatians

The Art of Arguing

David Gooding


As believers, one of our prime responsibilities is to stand for and safeguard the truth of the gospel in a society where error and false teaching are more and more prevalent. The Apostle Paul found himself in that situation in relation to the church in Galatia which was in danger of succumbing to false teaching that would have undermined that most precious of gospel truths—that we are saved by grace, through faith and not on account of any effort on our part to keep God’s law. His letter to the Galatians is in effect a succession of ‘arguments’ aimed at countering the error and restoring the believers’ confidence in the gospel Paul had preached. The arguments are as important and relevant now as they were in Paul’s day.

From his study of Galatians David Gooding identifies twelve strands of argument which Paul uses, most notably his quotation of explicit statements from Old Testament Scripture, coupled with some Old Testament analogies or prototypes. We are reminded of the solid ‘legal’ basis of our salvation and of its glorious breadth in the covenant, promises and inheritance which God gave to Abraham, but which are equally relevant to ‘all who are in Christ Jesus’.

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