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Seminars on 2 Peter

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Twelve Talks on 2 Peter

Seminars on 2 Peter

David Gooding


The complete audio series of ‘Seminars on 2 Peter’.

Part 1 – The Resources for Spiritual Growth
Part 2 – The Progress & Importance of Spiritual Growth
Part 3 – The Significance of the Transfiguration
Part 4 – The Inspiration & Authority of Holy Scripture
Part 5 – The True & False Ways
Part 6 – The Lessons to be Learned from the angels, Noah & Lot
Part 7 – The Story of Balaam
Part 8 – Moral Apostates
Part 9 – The Flood in Genesis
Part 10 – Answering the Mockers
Part 11 – The Significance for us of the End of the World
Part 12 – Questions & Answers

Recorded at Apsley Hall, Belfast, N. Ireland in 1985.

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