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The Second Coming in Light of Prophecy

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Four Talks on Prophecy

The Second Coming in Light of Prophecy

David Gooding


The world has always had problems, often severe ones. But that does nothing to reduce the gravity of the problems that confront the world at this present time. Many of these are the same old ones that have always troubled humanity, but nowadays they are compounded with additional modern difficulties that the ancient world knew nothing about.

In the midst of all this gloom one might have expected that Christians everywhere would be loudly proclaiming Christ and asserting the certainty of their hope that forms such an important and integral part of the Christian gospel; demonstrating the validity of the grounds upon which it is based and urging on men the repentance it calls for and, at the same time, the optimism and courage that it inspires. There is hope, even for this world. It is still God’s world, he has not abdicated his rights to it or lost his interest in it. His declared purposes for it shall be fulfilled strictly according to the programme announced in holy Scripture. Evil and folly, sadism, greed, cruelty and violence, unreason and accident shall not have the last word.

These talks show how the Christian hope of the second coming of Christ is central to Christian faith which is as it should be because the Christian message is nothing short of Christ himself. In them David Gooding explores important aspects and implications of the second coming of Christ.

Part 1 – Is the Second Coming an Event within History?
Part 2 – Principles of Interpretation of Prophecy
Part 3 – Principles of Interpretation of Prophecy & Chronology
Part 4 – The Moral and Spiritual Lessons to be Learned from Prophecy

Recorded at West Bay View House, Portrush, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland in 1974.

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