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Peter: Scholar and Teacher in the School of Suffering

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Four Talks on 1 & 2 Peter

Peter: Scholar and Teacher in the School of Suffering

David Gooding

When it comes to this most intimate, personal matter of suffering for Christ, God has given us Peter, the man who made such grievous mistakes and yet repented and learned his lesson and was restored.


The complete audio series of ‘Peter: Scholar and Teacher in the School of Suffering’.

With a shepherd heart Peter writes his letter to Christians in these faraway provinces and warns them kindly as he breaks the news to them, ‘A fiery trial is about to come and test you.’

In the first talk, David Gooding shows us how Peter was able to strengthen the faith of these early believers.

In the second talk, he outlines the two different attitudes that are shown towards suffering in relation to the will of God, one by Peter and the other by Christ, and the two different necessities by which their respective lives were run.

In the third talk, we notice the impact that the sufferings of Christ had on Peter’s service.

In the final talk, we see that Peter was an evangelist to whom were granted the keys to open the kingdom both to Jews and Gentiles. The church is a company of men and women who have found the only solid foundation and true chief cornerstone, and learned to build their lives around him.

Part 1 – Suffering in Relation to Our Faith
Part 2 – Suffering in Relation to the Will of God
Part 3 –Suffering in Relation to Our Service for the Lord
Part 4 – The Christian Church and What it Means to be a Member

Recorded at Armagh, N Ireland in May 1964.

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