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The Trinity

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The Trinity God’s Revelation of Himself

David Gooding

The only fitting thing that God could do was, not just to wave a wand and remove us from this world and seat us on thrones in the heavenlies all unprepared; he must school us on life’s journey. And God knows the cost of it to you and to me.’


What is God like in himself? When we study the Trinity we are not studying so much what God has said or done, though such study will involve us in considering both; we are being allowed to peer into the very heart of God and to consider what God is in himself. This six–part series begins by looking at how God has revealed himself in the gospel. It continues by considering the pre–incarnate Son of God, the deity of Christ in incarnation, the humanity of Christ, the deity and ministry of the Holy Spirit and then the relations between the divine Persons and us. The series concludes by addressing the question raised by both believers in God and those who don’t believe: If this is what God is like, then why is there so much pain in the world?

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