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‘Rise up and Walk’

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The Gentile Mind and the Gentile World

‘Rise up and Walk’

David Gooding

May God’s Spirit help us not to have tiny ideas of the gospel.


In the first talk Dr Gooding begins with the story of the Lord Jesus healing the paralysed man. As evidence of his ability to forgive the man’s sins our Lord told him to rise up and walk. We too need to produce evidence in our lives that we possess the power to rise up and walk in true Christian grace, courage, holiness and practicality, and if that kind of evidence is missing, any claim to have been forgiven will convince very few people. David Gooding shows us how important it is where and how we walk.

In the second talk, he outlines two dangers:

1. The danger that ‘the Gentile mind’ and way of thinking should infiltrate the church.

2. The opposite danger: that the church will not take hold of the resources that God has given to her and make her intended impact on ‘the Gentile world’.

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