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The Final Judgment

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The Final Judgment A call to hear the Judge’s voice

David Gooding

Things are not going to be allowed to carry on as at present with endless injustice and defilement and disorder. It is God’s world; he will bring it to its end.


How could final judgment be good news? When Paul preached the gospel, he included the fact that God has appointed a day in which he will judge the world in righteousness. Looking around at the state of the world should make anyone wish that it would not continue on as it is, with all of its carnage and injustice. The Christian gospel is that it won’t, but that the righteous judge will intervene. If that is so, then what about our own sin? If sin matters, what is to be done about ours? As David Gooding points out in this talk, the hope of the gospel exists because of the identity of the judge himself who calls out to us to believe what he is saying to us.

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