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The Beauty of Holiness

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Nine Talks on Leviticus

The Beauty of Holiness Israel’s Sacrificial System & the Christian Faith

David Gooding

The offerings, as we know, were addressed to the people and told the people what they had to bring to God. The laws of the offerings were addressed to the priests and taught those priests the demands and responsibilities of their duties.


This series of talks opens up for us the wealth of truth in the early chapters of Leviticus. We learn about the five main sacrifices that God prescribed for Israel, and their purpose and significance for the people as they approached the presence of God to worship him and to seek his forgiveness for their sin.

But for us as Christians today, the sacrifices also provide pictures that help us grasp something more of the scope and depth and beauty of that great sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ at Calvary—and thereby draw out our hearts in worship to ‘the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me.’

At a practical level, the instructions to the priests remind us of our privileges and responsibilities as a holy priesthood to proclaim the truth of the sacrifice of Christ to others; and to contribute to the worship and praise in our local churches.
Part 1 – The Beauty of Holiness – Introduction
Part 2 – Obedience unto Death
Part 3 – Celebration of New Life: The Meal Offering
Part 4 – Making Man Whole
Part 5 – The Stain of Sin
Part 6 – The Damage Sin Does
Part 7 – Maintaining Zeal
Part 8 – A Sense of the Holy
Part 9 – Practising Peace

Recorded in Holborn Hall, Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland in January 1986.

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