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Entering the Inheritance

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Studies in Joshua 1–12

Entering the Inheritance

David Gooding

He saved us not by keeping the law. He saved us by bearing the curse that we have merited by breaking the law.


The book of Joshua has spoken directly to the hearts of God’s people all down the centuries. Hardly surprising when we remember that Joshua is the Hebrew form of the hero’s name that, in the Greek translation, becomes Jesus. So we find the early Christians reading the book of Joshua and being irresistibly drawn to making parallels between the Joshua of the Old Testament and the Jesus of the New.

These short studies, based on the early chapters of the book of Joshua, do exactly that. They address difficulties of interpretation that have been the subject of debate among commentators. But above all, they highlight the great victories and conquests recorded in those chapters and, in turn, increase our appreciation of the enormous battles which our Lord Jesus Christ fought on our behalf so that he might break the power of the enemy and open the land for us to go in and inherit.

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